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You must be prepared with the knowledge of what it is that you need before stepping foot into the store to purchase a stove. Their sales men are like any other, they just want to make the sale so that they can earn a paycheck. Keep in mind that they have never been inside your home and have no information about what your specific needs are. You must educate them in order to receive the product that you want.
The fireplaces that burn wood and are old or traditional produce less smoke and are inefficient. The new wood burnings and stoves are more efficient and provide good heat. In some parts of the country solid wood is prohibited while pallet burning is unrestricted.
For information: seasoned wood has been left to dry naturally for at least a year; wood chips are small pieces of wood such as what comes out of those wood chippers that tree surgeons use; wood pellets are manufactured as uniformly sized small blocks of compressed sawdust.
Fire surrounds come in a wide range of styles to complement any room in a variety of materials. You can choose from contemporary or traditional. Whatever style of surround you select, it is sure to enhance the appearance of your wood burning stove making it a great focal point for any surroundings.
Apart from faux beams and solid wood furniture, wood burning stoves have become more and more popular. These are stoves that, instead of having piped gas or electric heat to cook on and warm the room, burn logs and firewood on a bed of ash instead.
The first and most common set of accessories for a wood burning stove is the tongs and tools kit. Remember when you were little, and your parents had that kind of carousel thing with a brush, and a little shovel, and a pair of coal tongs and a poker hanging off it? Modern accessories for the woodstove take a very similar form and add a wonderfully ornamental touch to the whole installation. You can choose from a range of styles and finishes, to suit both your home and the individual wood burner you have chosen: so you can get wood stove accessories that add the classical finish to a Victorian or Edwardian look stove; or accessories that add a classical touch to a modern finish; or accessories that give a modern twist to a more classical look fire.
But why not simply burn wood on a traditional open fire? Wood burning stoves can produce a lot more heat and fewer emissions than burning wood in a grate. This is because wood burning stoves are up to three times more efficient in heat production and therefore use less fuel. Furthermore, in some models, gases emitted by the burning wood can be circulated back into the stove and burnt off.
Wood burning stoves quickly became popular because of their effectiveness in comparison with fireplaces. Initially they were placed against the opening of the fireplace so that the chimney could be used for the fumes to escape. At that time they were made of a metal box and they had the power to heat the room thoroughly. However, after some time they were modified into a model with its own chimney and flue. This enabled customers to place it anywhere in the house without relying upon the position of the fireplace.
How much money do you have a available and are willing to spend on a stove?
Furthermore, a tree will produce the same emissions whether it is being burned or left to decompose.