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Don’t party without these handbag saviours!

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handbag essentials

So you’ve got the perfect dress, you’ve done your pampering and you’re all geared up for the party season.  But are you really? Have you thought about the party essentials you’ll need for quick fixes on the go? Let’s take a look at the handbag saviours you won’t want to party without…


Clean up your act

I won’t name names, but even classy venues can run out of loo paper – so I always carry a mini pack of tissues with me. The same goes for hand soap, which is why I like to have a tube of Crabtree & Evelyn’s Antibacterial Gel Hand Wash on my person at all times.  


Don’t get paranoid about your pout

Bold lip shades look fab, but they take a lot of reapplying – especially when you’re in party mode. So why not go for one of Crabtree & Evelyn’s new Lip Tints? They add a subtle colour and smell lovely – plus, they have a non-sticky formula, so when you’re swishing your hair on the dance floor you won’t be in danger of getting stray strands stuck to your lips! 


Avoid canapé hell

Who doesn’t love canapés? I do! But I had a nasty incident at a party last Christmas when a peppercorn got stuck between my teeth. Not attractive. I was in the bathroom for ages trying to get it out with a cocktail stick, and I was gone for so long that people started to ask questions. These days, I make sure I have a mini roll of dental tape in my bag!


Freshen up

For a glam pick-me-up, pop a 30ml bottle of India Hicks Island Night in your bag and spritz away as desired. It’s a perfect evening scent and the mini bottle is only available in the India Hicks Island Night Getaway Bag – to win one, visit the blog post Party Glam In A Whizz.


Get minty 

Invest in some posh mints in a mini tin for your handbag. They’ll not only freshen your breath, but they’re great to share and a good talking point. If only Crabtree & Evelyn made them – I might have to have words…


Now all you need to do is find the perfect handbag! I’ve already asked Santa to help me with that mission. Whatever you’re up to this month, enjoy the party season. 

Emergency Gifts – how to be prepared

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Emergency Christmas Gifts

But we said we weren’t getting each other presents this year,’ I thought to myself as I gave my friend a startled smile and nervously eyed up the beautifully wrapped gift she was proudly holding out to me. 


That was last year. Now I’m a year older, and a year wiser, and make sure I have a back-up plan just in case a friend or relative gives me an unexpected pressie.


The answer is to have a stash of emergency gifts for a range of people – and a few little white lies prepared to buy yourself time if the person in question is difficult to please. Here are some ideas…      


Everyone has to eat…

Most people will be happy with a foodie gift, and Crabtree & Evelyn have an amazing selection. In fact, these delectable delights are selling so well that I’d recommend snapping them up ASAP. My favourite emergency food pressies are the Festive Design Tin, which contains yummy shortbread, the Afternoon Tea Medium Gift and the Collection of Mini Jams – so cute!


Help! They’re so fussy and I have nothing to give

Don’t panic – this is what the Internet is for!  Buy yourself some time, sneakily find out what they want and run off to order it on the web. Apologise that their gift will be late because [insert a plausible story of your choice], but assure them that it’ll be well worth the wait.   


Teenagers and kids

For teenage girls, I’d recommend a selection of Crabtree & Evelyn Lip Butters and glossy Lip Tints or a La Source Traveller Small Gift. When it comes to teenage boys, I’d go for the Nomad Traveller set.  Kids are tricky, so slip whatever note you can afford in a Christmas card and they’ll probably be happy!


Grown up gifts 

If you ask me, all grown-ups could do with a Hand Care Caddy. They’re a practical gift, and if you have one in your bathroom, it will impress any house guest. Scented Candles and Fragrance Diffusers also make lovely all-rounder pressies and can be enjoyed for months afterwards.  


So, if your cousin gets back together with her boyfriend, Aunty Pat suddenly rocks up from Australia, or you accidentally break a gift – like I did one year – you’ll be prepared. Happy shopping, readers!

Christmas Shopping on a Budget? Learn money saving tips now…

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“So have you done all your Christmas shopping yet?” asked my hairdresser as she snipped away at my locks.  “I don’t have that many people to buy for, so it’s all under control,”  I said, almost smugly.

Fast-forward three weeks and I’ve spent lots of money, but mysteriously still have people to buy for – so it’s time to budget. If you’re watching the pennies too, here are some ideas to make the most of your money and give impressive gifts…

The key is to buy gift packs or multi-buy products and split them up to give to different people. If you have any leftover gifts from sample packs, you can save them for emergency gifts.

Let’s do some shopping maths using these lovely Crabtree & Evelyn gift sets as an example…

Mini Biscuits

For Foodie fans – the Fine Foods Mini Biscuits set is perfect.  At £15, it contains six mini biscuits tubs, so that usually works out at just £2.50 per tub, but right now they are in the Advent Gifts offer with 30% off, so with this saving now you can enjoy a tasty gift idea for just £1.75 per tub! Wrap one up and keep it spare as an emergency gift for that moment someone you know gives you a gift you weren’t expecting!

If you’re feeling creative, you could make some of the heart decorations I mentioned in the Christmas Crafts blog post and give as presents with a couple of tubs of mini biscuits. – A great gift for under £5!

The 30% off Advent Offer also includes the bestselling Mixed Fragranced Hand Therapy Set, which contains 3 x 50ml hand creams. These usually retail at £9 each – but on this offer they work out at £4.20 each, so you save £4.80 per product – and that’s better than half price!  Why not wrap them in festive paper and tie with ribbon to your tree before handing out on Christmas Day?!

5 for £15 Stocking Fillers


Why not throw in some Crabtree & Evelyn Stocking Fillers, too? You can buy 5 items for £15, so that’s £3 per product.  This means you save a whopping £5, as the items usually retail at £4 each.  – That’s enough of a saving to put towards another gift on your list!

Another great buy is the 3 for 2 promo, where you get the cheapest item free. This is great if you are after a slightly larger looking gift, or take another multi pack item such as the Jojoba Soap Sampler, which again you could split up and use the contents as cute little stocking fillers. 

Lastly, incorporating personal touches to the wrapping will add a thoughtful finish to your gift.  Crafty shoppers could make festive fabric pouches to put the pressies in, or pop them in a pretty box and then decorate with any spare trimmings you have to hand.


Which bargains have you picked up for Christmas gifts at Crabtree & Evelyn? Tell us in the comments box below…