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Cash saving beauty tips

February 23rd, 2012 | 1 comment

If you are reading this blog post the chances are you are a beauty product addict, just like me. Being swathed and bathed in the latest lotions and potions can be an expensive habit, can’t it? But fear not, these top tips will help you save cash, so you can splash out on the beauty buys that are really worth it


1. Waste not want not

Can’t get those last few mls of hand cream out of the tube? Invest in a Crabtree & Evelyn Accessories Tube Key – it slides on to the end of any tube and helps evenly distribute products until the very last bits.


2. Beauty CPR!

Is your favourite nail polish drying out? Revive it by adding a dash of nail polish remover. But NEVER add water to make mascara go further, because you could contaminate it with bacteria and risk getting an eye infection. Yuck! Throw the mascara away (RIP) and buy a new one.


3. Multi use products save cash

Three-in-one products are a big beauty buzz but you’ll often pay extra for the label. Many products can be used multi-functionally anyway. Conditioner makes a great shaving lotion, talc or Dusting Powder can be used as dry shampoo, and lipstick or Lip Tint can be used as blusher.


4. Make perfume go further

Apply Vaseline to your pulse points before you spray perfume to help the fragrance last longer. If you are getting to the end of a bottle of perfume and it won’t spray, open it and pour the remaining liquid into a basic body lotion. To prolong the shelf life of your fragrance, keep it away from direct sunlight.


5. Throw a beauty swap party

Put your own twist on the trend for clothes swapping parties (known as ‘swishing’) and throw a beauty swap party – let’s call it ‘swashing’. Now, I’m not talking about exchanging manky old beauty products – imagine the germs! I’m talking about those unwanted gifts and unopened items lurking in your drawers, which could be another girl’s treasure. You could have a lovely evening in with your girlfriends with drinks and nibbles and come away with goodies you’ll actually use. Get swashing peeps!


6. Safe storage

We spend a lot of money on beauty products as a nation and it’s important to take care when storing them or they could get ruined. Store bottles upright to avoid leaks, and ideally in a cool dry area. Protect pretty cosmetics bags by lining them with cotton wool or tissues, as this will collect powder residue and spills. Also, get in the habit of finishing one product before you start on another similar one. As soon as products are opened their potency decreases over time and they go off.


Do you have any nifty thrifty beauty tips? Please share them in the comments box below…

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