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Feet first for the London Marathon

April 2nd, 2012 Comments Off

“So do you want to hear my freakiest foot story?” said my running-obsessed friend Claire.

“Well, three months after I ran the London Marathon, my toenail fell off. It was a result of my feet being squished against the front of my trainers for 26 miles! Are you okay, Katy?”


*Almost faints*


I felt better when Claire assured me that her toenail grew back and her feet still look good in sandals.


The only time you’ll find me pounding the pavements is when the sales are on. But I have a huge respect for the thousands of brave people who will be competing in the 2012 London Marathon. If you’ll be racing around the capital on 22 April, make sure your tootsies are in tip-top condition with these podiatric pointers…


Choose the right footwear 

Bad footwear can damage your feet, your posture and hamper your finish time, so invest in quality trainers. Check out the Interactive Shoe Finder on the Runners World website to find running shoes that meet your needs.


Banish blisters

Pure cotton socks can be like kryptonite for runners because they retain moisture, which can increase the risk of blisters. Claire swears by Hilly Twin Skin Socks, which are designed to manage moisture and have a double layer so the fabric rubs against itself rather than your tootsies. Slathering feet in petroleum jelly will help protect against blisters, too. At times, those pesky pustules are inevitable, so resist the urge to pop them and apply a plaster instead.


Perfect your pedicure technique 

A few days before the race, indulge in a home pedicure with Crabtree & Evelyn’s La Source products. Soak your feet with La Source Effervescent Sea Foam Foot Soak and gently slough away hard skin with Warming Foot Smoother. Next, push back cuticles, apply Intensive Nail & Cuticle Therapy and cut toenails. Always cut straight across to avoid ingrown nails. Finally, moisturise using Ultra-Moisturising Foot Remedy. Phew!


Relax with recovery feet treats

Many runners say that taking an ice cold bath speeds up recovery after a race, although there’s no scientific proof. Alternatively, if you fancy a warm bath, there’s no harm in that. Either way, drop a La Source Relaxing Bath Tablet into your tub to help you unwind. Afterwards, massage legs and feet to ease muscle tension and spray with Reviving Foot & Leg Mist. Now, put your feet up and relax – you deserve it! Plus, the elevation will help to drain any swelling.

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