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Faulty Chimney Cap – The chimney cap or cowl is fitted on the top of the chimney with mesh at the sides for the smoke to escape. If the cap is damaged then it won’t do its job of keeping out rain and debris, which will cause the chimney to smoke. Even if the chimney is not being used, a cap should be fitted to prevent damp getting inside.
If you’re looking for real evidence of a modern quality, look no further than the clean burn technique. This impressive sounding design aspect is key to good quality modern stoves. What it does, basically, is allow the stove to first burn the fuel, that you feed it – and then the waste products of that fuel. The difference in atmospheric pollution is incredible. Modern designs of wood burning stoves are very, very clean and emit only a tiny amount of pollution into the air. That makes them safe to use anywhere in the United Kingdom because they fall well below any emissions regulations or guidelines that could currently be in place.
If the door to your wood burning stove is not airtight and smoke is leaking round the sides of the door, check to make sure that none of the gaskets are broken. Gaskets can be purchased from stove suppliers and replaced using heat resistant cement to fix them into position. Likewise, the glass can be replaced if it is damaged or, in some cases, the whole door may need to be replaced. A qualified installer will be able to advise you, but if you have spotted the cause of the problem yourself it is possible to obtain all of these parts from a specialist stove supplier.
Wood burning stoves started out as a way to heat a home more effectively than with open fireplaces, which had traditionally been used. The first models were placed against the opening of the fireplace so that the fumes could escape through the chimney. They were essentially a metal box, but they heated a room more thoroughly than a traditional fireplace because they reached further into the room.
Wood burning stoves can heat water through a back boiler, meaning less coal, gas, oil or electricity will be needed to heat the water and radiators throughout the rest of your house.
Those who are fortunate enough to have wood burning stoves are indeed rewarded. As they put wood in the fire they can sit back and enjoy the fruits of their labor. Seeing the flames curl toward the chimney and feeling the warmness is like no other feeling. One of the most delightful experiences of one’s life.
During the 1970s with the oil crisis upon us wood burning stoves became more popular. Unfortunately the woodburner was not fully understood as they needed an enormous amount of wood and created a lot of pollution because their efficiency was still too low and emissions too high. Manufacturers and users alike did not understand the importance of well seasoned wood as well as a good air supply for the wood burning stove. Un-seasoned wood and poor maintenance created tar/creosote buildup in the chimney or flue creating chimney fires as well as high carbon dioxide emissions and dust particles.
Store wood outside not inside, covered and off the ground.
The newest wood stoves and fireplaces have improved safety and efficiency compared to that of units from older generations. If you are really looking for a nice wood stove, be sure to to look for any certifications that may come with the unit. Wood units should be at least certified as a low-emission unit . Make sure to look for the U.S. EPA logo on the unit which will certify the wood burning device as being low-emissions, and higher efficiency.
With increasing daily expenses a lot of people are trying to find economical avenues to save money. The highest expense for most households is the cost of utilities. There are different types of companies offering heating options but none of them offer something that is economical and before you know it you receive an astronomical bill for the energy you have consumed. Use wood burning stoves and save a lot of money right away.
What kind of fuel
Pellet stoves distribute the heat by blowing hot air into the space. These stoves do notget very hot to the touch. This can be a deciding factor if you have small children. Pellet stoves are quick to provide heat, and quick to cool down, once the fire is out.
5) Make sure you burn good seasoned wood
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While the very fact that wood burning stoves have many benefits and many advantages is not in doubt, many people believe that a wood-burning stove, or indeed a multifuel stove, offers a very eye-catching and a very interesting focal point to any room. When you consider that the size of stoves available today can vary between 1 kW and 20+ kilowatts there is certainly something for every occasion and for every room. There is also the option of traditional or contemporary stoves of which there are far too many examples to cover in one individual post.
1) Seek professional Advice
Currently, there are two different designs of high-efficiency wood burning stoves in wide use.
Armed with that information let’s take a look at the interior of your stove, the firebox. There are air vents at the top and bottom of the glass by which you are able to control the air supply into you stove thus controlling the speed your fuel burns. On the upper side of your stove, coming out of the wood burner is a pipe, this is called the Flue. It’s the conduit by which the gas and smoke produced by the fire, is evacuated outside through the chimney.
So those are the 3 methods commonly used to install wood burning stoves.
Not Just Your Household’s Health at Risk