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If you are looking at buying a new wood-burning appliance, you have many options to choose from. You may be considering a new fireplace, pellet stove or wood burning stove. You should consider many variables when choosing an appliance. If your house is large enough you may want to consider a wood furnace; If not you should take into consideration shape, size, colour and features.
Stoves made exclusively for wood will usually have a flatbed on which to put it (the wood) where as multi-fuel stoves will have grates to allow for air circulation for burning of the likes of coal etc.
You may not have a chimney at all. If you wish to install a stove in a room without a chimney, this can be achieved by using twin walled rigid flue pipe. You can then choose to flue the system either out through the ceiling and loft or out of the wall and up the side of the house.
There are many different wood burning stoves around these days so I’m sure you are able to find one to bring style and warmth to your home. With comfort, convenience and style, you can find the right one to help heat your home on colder winter days.
They provide comfortable heat during chilly seasons. The warmth that comes from the wood stoves is extremely cozy. They give the feeling of instant warmth, which touches the soul directly. The burning fireplaces spread a sweet aura of comfort all around the home that makes one have a nap or sleep for a while.
Do you want the guarantee and safety of lining your chimney?
They also changed in appearance, from a metal fireplace to a freestanding stove with four legs. These freestanding models were often constructed from cheaper materials, which were less resilient but had the advantage of making them portable. They had flat metal surfaces so that pans could be placed on top of them for cooking. Alternatively, a pot could be inserted into a hole in the stove and heated directly by the flames.
There are many pros to installing a high-efficiency wood burner at home. First, it is powerful enough to heat the entire premises. Second, it uses one-third of the firewood of older models. Third, technologically advanced stoves need no electricity to operate; therefore they can still be used during power outages. Lastly, with the exception of the catalytic combuster, the other parts don’t wear out easily or quickly.
There are many option you need to consider:
Air tight wood burning stoves – With an airtight wood burning stove, the unit is completely sealed, which makes it more efficient. The air flow to the stove can be controlled either manually or automatically so that the amount of fuel used and the heat provided can be adjusted accordingly. This also means that an even temperature can be maintained if required.
Benjamin Franklin designed the Franklin Stove almost 250 years ago which is the prototype for today’s modern design.