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Installing a cheap wood burning stove, could be one of the best investments to be made. Many people agree, they are very environmentally friendly but it is their versatility to burn a variety of fuels, cleanly and efficiently which wins people over. When you consider the astronomical rise in gas and oil prices in recent years, you can easily see why they are becoming a cheap and popular alternative source of heating.
The burning fireplaces help in keeping your home warm,safe and secure.They are considered as reliable burning sources. The firewood is considered as a renewable source of energy which adds the eco-friendly stamp to the stove. Thus,using an environment friendly stove in itself is a cozy feeling.
For this reason it is imperative to use wood that has been dried out (or seasoned) for at least a year. This is a general guideline although different types of wood take varying amounts of time to dry out. Woods that are moist can cause a build up of resin in the chimney and once this resin reaches a certain temperature it can catch light, causing a fire hazard.

Wood burner fitter in Manchester

Your other option is to call in a professional HETAS registered Stove Installer to install your wood burning stove. This engineer will be able to ‘sign off’ your installation without the involvement of building control.
Wood burning stoves broadly consist of three main types, which are:
You may wonder just how efficient wood stoves can be? Well, first they create the ambiance of traditional fireplaces and also efficiently heat any room. They can also double as boilers or kitchen ranges.
The safest and most efficient way to install your stove is to also liner your chimney with a stainless steel double skinned flexible chimney liner. Even if you chimney is in decent condition, most people opt for a chimney liner as it is guaranteed for up to 15 years and allows the stove to burn more efficiently.
To keep your wood burning stove running smoothly, it needs to be regularly cleaned and maintained. Always clean out the ashes, and have a certified professional inspect your chimney once a year to check for any potential safety hazards or factors that may be causing your stove to burn less efficiently.
The above points, including additional detail on compliance with regulations, are covered in further detail in both this lengthy article that examines installing wood burning stoves in particular and this one that covers wood stove technology in general.
Wood-burning stoves can be used as space heaters, and many can also accommodate a boiler to supply your hot water. They can also be used for cooking, making the stoves a highly versatile feature for your home.
Once all this is done, the green and stylish way to heat your home is yours.
Avoid buying bags of firewood from supermarkets, smaller shops and garages. These logs usually haven’t been properly dried and seasoned, and so will result in a room full of smoke. They can often contain a mixture of hard and soft wood too, which will produce a fire which quickly burns out.
Wood burning stove parts that may stop working or may need to be replaced include the catalytic combustors, screens, lids, spring handles, and many other parts. Keep in mind if you are not sure why your stove is not working ask a professional or someone that knows wood stoves. Take all safety precautions when fixing a stove and make sure if you cannot do it you find someone that can do the job. The internet and books provide a vast array of information on the subject of wood burning stoves even for the novice that knows very little about the stoves.
Fireplace accessories can be expensive but it is possible to shop around and compare prices. Alternatively, you could build your own log store or use an old bucket to fetch the wood indoors. Some of the accessories sold by the specialist stove suppliers are pricey, but they can make an attractive accompaniment to your wood burning stove and help to create a special ambience in the room. For that reason it can be worth treating yourself if you want to experience the full effects of a traditional, or a contemporary but stylish, wood burning stove.
Tip #3 Make Certain that Your Wood Stove is Properly Installed
The main advancement in the manufacturing industry of wood burning stoves took place when metal drawers and ovens were added to them. This modification had converted a simple heating stove into a whole new cooking range. From the early 20th century, its appearance also changed; it became a freestanding stove with four legs from a metal standing stove. They were soft but smart in their working, as they were portable and used for cooking purposes as well.
How easily can you add a chimney or vent stack?
If you feel that you have discovered some promising items that you want to bid on then you can make arrangements to attend the auction, or estate sale in person. In most instances you will also have the option of placing a telephone bid on the antique stove that caught your fancy.
Whether you installed your wood stove yourself to reduce the cost of your heating bill, or you’re utilizing the stove that came with your house when you purchased it, wood stoves can help to serve multiple purposes, including heating as well as a place for the family to gather around on those cold winter nights.
If you are installing a wood burning stove or fireplace, building a chimney, or carrying out repairs or maintenance to any of these you are likely to need the following equipment:
Do not forget to check out the classified ads in your hometown newspaper to see if there just might be an individual who is offering one of these wood stoves for sale. Who knows, a mint condition wood stove from the Victorian era might be only a few blocks from where you live. Garage sales are another avenue that may lead you to a great deal on a wood burning stove that is in good to excellent condition.
If you heat your home or use hot water, you’re using energy to do it. Most of us rely on natural gas, fuel oil, or electricity to get the job done. However, there’s another option that could save you a lot of money and be more environmentally friendly, as long as you do it right. It’s burning wood in an outdoor boiler. The mess and annoyances of wood burning stay outside, and the heat comes inside to heat your home and your water.
Surrounds should also be made from non-combustible materials, and if the stove is fitted into a chimney recess there are set requirements regarding the thickness of the walls and the materials that they are constructed from. For example, the walls of masonry chimneys should be at least 100mm thick, but if the walls separate the room from another compartment or dwelling, then they should be a minimum of 200mm away from the inner surface of the flue liner or have a gap of 40mm from the outer surface of the chimney.
Second only to an fireplace in adding style and warmth to your house, wood burning stoves can become the centerpiece of your home. While there are many choices for modern wood burning stoves, some people prefer the character and charm of an antique stove, or a least an antique style stove. In addition to the standard heating stove, you can also consider a wood cooking oven for your kitchen.
But there are many other places to find unwanted wood.