Wood burning stove surrounds in Manchester

Because wood smoke contains such tiny particles, the smoke is not stopped by closed doors and windows, and seeps into nearby neighbors’ houses. In fact, during winter months, wood smoke does not rise and often hangs close to the ground, entering yards, houses, schools, and hospitals. Subsequently, areas with valley locations and poor air circulation are affected most.
Retailers and manufacturers are reporting a huge increase in sales, the key drivers being the interest in environmentally friendly technology, the potential for saving money, particularly in light of ever increasing domestic fuel bills, and the fact that architects are building them into their plans as a secondary green heating source because planners favour this option. Correspondingly, estate agents report that wood-burning stoves are increasingly popular with home buyers, people just love them!
We are, of necessity, becoming more environmentally aware these days; if you tend a garden you will already have noticed changes in the climate and every energy utility bill is a reminder that how things have been up till now is not sustainable for the future. But unlike burning fossil fuel such as oil, gas or coal, burning wood forms part of a pretty much balanced carbon cycle.
On current fuel prices burning wood to heat your home is currently cheaper to buy than gas, oil and electricity.
To find the cause of your smoking chimney you firstly need to identify whether it is smoking continuously or whether the smoking occurs intermittently. When a chimney gives off a constant stream of smoke into the room this can be due to a number of causes:~
If there are any local antique stores in your community you may want to visit them in person and look through their inventory. This will provide you with an opportunity to inspect the merchandise closely. You can even try to “haggle” for a better deal than the price that is scrawled on the sales tag.
To season your wood, cut it to the required size and stack it. Ensure that it is covered but that the sides of the pile are open so that the air can get to them. The wood will also benefit from being kept indoors for several days prior to use. You can check whether your wood is well seasoned because the majority of wood will become split at the ends once dried out.
First of all establish whether you have a multi-fuel stove or a wood-burning stove. A wood-burning stove will typically have a flatbed for fuel, while multi-fuel stoves have grates because coal and similar fuel need an air supply from beneath to burn properly. It is also important to recognise that you can use wood in a multi-fuel stove, but you can’t use coal in a wood-burning stove.
While antique enthusiasts and collectors appreciate these stoves for their decorative and historic value there are a growing number of individuals who desire them for their functional use. Most of these wood burning appliances can provide an amazing amount of heat at very low cost; and saving money is high on everyone’s current priority list.
You’ve just bought yourself a new wood-burning stove and like most people you just can’t wait to get a roaring, cosy fire going. But before you can reap the benefits of your wood-burning stove you’re confronted with the task of actually getting it to work.
How important is it to you to have the cleanest burning and most efficient stove?
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